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Who is JINROWANG? Interative Media & Web designer Expert at web design, graphic design, advertising, brand development, starategy, identity design, and marketing communications. On and offline, I'm equally experienced with the challenge of a large scale corporate.
What I do best Web & Graphic designs are more than just putting pictures and words together. They're result of a process that requires conceptual ability, diligent research, and understanding to execute final product. They bridge the gap between your brand and your audience. I provide full service from conceptual design to final product in time.
Clients I've worked with Barnes and Nobles Inc.com SKusa.com, JusoUSA.com, Mozzign.com, MossCreation.com, Skyzone.com, Nextran.net, Sushiman.com, Cubesys.net, PoochStyle.com, IneedMall.com, Gooryong.com, and more
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SK USA Corporate Site
JusoUSA Community Site
Mozzign.com Album Site
Mozzign.com IT Site
FuelMax Product Site
Skyzone Mobile Game Site
PoochStyle.com Pet E-commerce Site
Extreme Hangman Game site
Skyzone Mobile Game Site
Ineedmall E-Commerce Site
Joe Boxers Graphic Arts
Barnes & Noble Card Design
Mobile Game Splash Image Design
SK USA Magazine Design
Concept Navigation Design
Industrial Product Photo Retouch
JusoUSA App
Pixel Mobile Game Design
Flash Mobile Game Design
Pixel/Flash Mobile Game Design
Pixel Mobile Game Design
Pixel Mobile Game Design
Flash Mobile Game Design
Flash Mobile Game Design
Flash Mobile Game Design
Flash Mobile Game Design
App versions
Mercedes Benz
Bleu Dstrkt
Nextran Group Inc.
Iphone 4/4S
Promotional Package Design
Blue Dstrkt